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(Self) Check This Out!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

It’s apparent that we’ve settled into a ‘new normal’, in the last 6 months. Liquor and Wine stores are seeing a spike in business that has not abated, as more and more Americans settle into new lifestyle patterns.

While this increase in business is welcome, it comes with additional constraints for merchants. Their staff, always hard to recruit and train, is stretched thin, as individuals choose other employment options to avoid constant contact with the public.​

In previous years, there was no alternative to the cashier shortage, leaving POS systems unmanned. Solutions were often expensive, cumbersome and impractical despite the ROI (return on investment) being less than 5 years.

ICS, proud developer of WinePOS, has the pleasure of announcing the first solution for self-checkout in the wine industry. Developed in conjunction with ELO systems, this package incorporates a scanner, receipt printer and credit card terminal into a single, countertop unit, offering your customers the same checkout experience that they have come to expect from a much larger retailer.

The register, dubbed WinePOS-SC will require a driver’s license scan at the first alcohol purchase. (The license can also be used to create a customer account if desired). To ensure that age-verification is occurring, an individual monitor will have oversight to validate the appropriate age before the transaction can proceed. This person will also have the ability to unlock standard POS functions, allowing for Price Overrides, Voids and other functions typically associated with the POS.

In stores with multiple terminals, a Self Checkout Management Console can be used to monitor multiple registers. This ‘Command and Control’ unit can either function in a ‘read’ mode, alerting the monitor to the POS station requiring assistance, or a ‘write’ mode, enabling the monitor to trigger additional (short- term) functionality where required.

If you are interested in this new tool to improve your store’s efficiency, please contact ICS at either or call (732) 223-0909 and press 1 for sales.

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