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Import Purchase Orders Automatically With Docupiler!

Convert a vendor's invoice to a purchase order and receive inventory into WinePOS in seconds!

Save time and reduce human error!

Fast Performance
Docupiler speed 2 .PNG

A typical invoice consists of a header and multiple rows of item details. Docupiler can insert the entire invoice in less than a minute – much faster than a human can enter the heading information manually!

Reduce Human Error

Eliminates the human factor that comes with erroneous data entry and transposition, improves the accuracy, and reduces potential disputes with your vendor!

See Docupiler in Action!

We know that wine and liquor store owners are always looking to improve processes in their businesses. As human resource is one of the more expensive components, the use of personnel to perform repetitive tasks becomes an area where automation can help achieve efficiency.

Since its release, Docupiler has been used by hundreds of retailers to enter invoices in a fraction of the time that it ordinarily requires. We trust you too will see how it can help streamline your operation, save you time, and money.

What People Are Saying...

"Since we started using Docupiler, we have imported more than 6,000 purchase orders at an average import time of 21 seconds."

Rich Kay - Circus Wines, Sea Girt, NJ

"Since we started using Docupiler, we have imported more than 4,000 purchase orders with an average import time of 30 seconds." 

Tim Mucha - Spirit of 76' Wines and Liquors, 

Manasquan, NJ

“Docupiler has allowed me to import 3,300 purchase orders with an average of 14 items. Import time consistently at 27 seconds." 

Lori Strobel - Buy Rite 72, Manahawkin, NJ 

Contact us to learn more about Docupiler and all of the other features that make WinePOS the premier technology solution available to wine and spirits retailers today!

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