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WinePOS Lite has been developed over many years in close cooperation with thousands of retail store owners and managers and provides you with all the necessary tools needed to run a successful liquor store. WinePOS Lite provides you with strict control over your inventory. With detailed purchasing information and extensive reporting capabilities, WinePOS Lite is ideal for businesses who do not need to track customer purchases. We are constantly researching and developing new features and functions for WinePOS Lite to help you and your business stay on top of the industry and ahead of your competition.

Key Features

Preview Upcoming Discounts to Upsell

Alert the cashier to inform the customer that more savings are available if they purchase required quantities or products.

Predictive ordering creates a purchase order based on past sales history. In a hurry? instantly create purchase orders by uploading your vendor's invoice.

Buying an item as a gift? Look up a product based on category, price, tasting notes or more.

Supports all of your back office and register requirements including age verification and detailed reporting. Provides extensive sales history, inventory and profit reporting

Search at POS

And much, much more!

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Attach new UPCs to Products During Transactions

Add a new UPC as the product
is scanned, preventing the need
to remember to connect it at a later time.

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Query Your Data By Category, Size, Price, and More

Advanced search options allow you to focus

on a discrete list of products, providing your

customer with a memorable shopping


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Separate Dates for Alcohol and Tobacco Purchases

For States where purchase restrictions

are different for tobacco and alcohol,

a simple display can provide the birth

date for both purchase options.

Link Multiple UPCs to a Single Item

A UPC can also be shared between

items, solving the challenge presented

when you sell seasonal beers.

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Tasting Notes

Jump to product information, including

tasting notes, region, and winemaker

without leaving the POS.

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